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Best Office Mini Basketball Hoop

best mini basketball hoop office

A mini basketball hoop has been a staple of the modern office for decades. Office basketball hoops are a lot of fun for everyone and offer great stress relief during the workday. Office games can also be useful for brainstorming sessions. Sometimes the best way to find a solution for a problem is by distracting yourself and let your subconscious wander. When it comes to finding a mini basketball hoop for your office, there’s a ton of varieties out there...
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New Nerf Dude Perfect Products for 2017

nerf dude perfect products

Long-time Nerf ambassador Dude Perfect is getting their own line of Nerf sports products, inspired by the Dude Perfect trick-shot videos. This is a great way to expand the Nerf sports product line which can always use fresh ideas. These Nerf Dude Perfect products include both sports balls and targets, so you can set up your own epic trick shots.