Nerf N-Strike Elite: Stryfe Blaster Review

Product Name:N-Strike Elite: Stryfe Blaster
Range:75 feet
Ammo Capacity:6
Batteries Req.?:Yes, 4 AA
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About the N-Strike Elite: Stryfe Blaster

The Nerf N-Strike Elite: Stryfe Blaster is a highly customizable, battery-powered Nerf pistol that speedily fires Elite Darts. It comes with a 6-dart magazine, and requires 4 AA batteries to power the Blaster.

The Stryfe Blaster has two Tactical Rails for attachments, which could be used for a scope or some other add-on. You can also attach a stock onto the back of the Blaster, and a barrel attachment on the front. You can typically find this Blaster for around $20, but there’s also some great cheap Nerf guns if you want to find something for around $10 instead.


This Nerf Blaster comes with 6 Elite Darts. You can use a variety of other Elite magazines to expand the ammo capacity of this Nerf gun to 18+ darts.

What’s in the Box?

This product includes –

  • Stryfe Blaster
  • 6 Elite Darts
  • 6-Dart Magazine
  • Instructions

No assembly is required with this Nerf Blaster other than installing 4 AA batteries, which are not included.

Who is this Nerf Gun Good For?

The N-Strike Elite: Mega Magnus Blaster is a good secondary weapon to have in your arsenal when your main Nerf gun runs out of ammo. With the limited ammo capacity and somewhat lengthy reload time, this isn’t a great Blaster for extended skirmishes. If your Nerf play style is more about taking one shot then moving around for cover, you may find it suits  your needs.

Similarly priced, the Strongarm Blaster is a comparable Nerf pistol that has a higher capacity (6 darts), and uses Elite Darts instead of Mega Darts. It doesn’t have quite the same range, though.

nerf stryfe with attachments

Nerf Stryfe with Attachments

What People are Saying About the N-Strike Elite: Stryfe Blaster

Here’s some reviews of what people are saying about the Nerf Stryfe online –

“Size and weight are good, very easy to maneuver and potentially dual wield
Rate of fire is incredible: the darts come out as fast as you pull the trigger

“The motor revs up very quickly so, even if it does give you away in an ambush (as other reviewers have stated, the motor is a dead giveaway), you will probably be able to empty an entire clip into your target before they can even respond. Among other great features are clips to attach both a stock and a barrel, the former being extremely helpful and the latter being solely for looks. It has two tactical rails, one on top and one on the bottom, just after the magwell. Utilizing these connection points, my (personal) favorite blaster arrangement is a stock (preferably adjustable) and an “assault grip,” as Nerf bills it. This makes for a pretty wicked SMG-ish type gun. Small, compact, etc. Very useful.”

“the STRYFE is a great cheap option if you have kids or if you just like Nerf guns .I have the gun in all my Nerf wars and it operates smoothly and it has very good performance and it is also very customizable if you are interested in a semiauto Nerf gun the STRYFE is a great solution.”

The Nerf N-Strike Elite: Stryfe Blaster is one of the best battery-powered Nerf gun available today. The customization options of this Blaster makes it a perfect Nerf gun for anyone seeking their first Nerf Blaster.

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