N-Strike Elite: Retaliator Blaster Review

Product Name:N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster
Range:75 feet
Ammo Capacity:12
Batteries Req.?:No
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About the N-Strike Elite: Retaliator Blaster

The Nerf N-Strike Elite: Retaliator Blaster is a 5-component Nerf gun that can be changed into 4 different firing configurations. You can choose between different pistol and rifle configurations for whatever suits your play style or mood the best.

retaliator blaster configurations

As you see, you can remove the stock of the gun if you wish for more mobility and speed, and quick-fire shots. If you prefer precision and accuracy, then you can leave the stock on and brace the Retaliator Blaster against your shoulder when you fire.

You can also choose to remove or add the Barrel Extension. If you prefer a pistol that’s easy to whip around, then you can remove it. If you need the additional range and accuracy, add it back on.

The Assault Grip can be attached to the top or bottom Tactical Rail of the Barrel Extension for increased accuracy.

The N-Strike Elite: Retaliator Blaster fires darts, and it comes with 12 Elite darts. The Quick-Reload Clip holds 12 darts. You can buy additional Quick Reload Clips that have an even bigger capacity, and this means less down-time in the heat of battle.

Nerf retaliator blaster broken down

Darts are individually pushed down into the clip to reload, and are automatically spring-fed into the chamber to be fired.

The Retaliator Blaster has an great range of 75 feet, similar to the Strongarm Blaster. This Nerf gun also has a top and bottom Tactical Rail, which you can install other Nerf accessories onto, like a bipod or scope.

What’s in the Box?

This product includes –

  • Retaliator Blaster Gun Body
  • Nerf Gun Stock
  • Barrel Extension
  • Assault Grip
  • Quick Reload Clip
  • 12 Elite Darts
  • Instructions

With this Nerf blaster, you’ll have one great toy for any battle occasion!


Who is this Nerf Gun Good For?

The N-Strike Elite: Retaliator Blaster is an awesome Nerf gun for someone who wants a one-stop versatile Blaster that will fit your needs in any circumstances. The recommended age is 8 years or older, which we find to be accurate. This Blaster will likely hold the attention of older Nerf enthusiasts better than others as it’s highly changeable and customizable.

nerf retaliator blaster in action

What People are Saying About the N-Strike Elite: Retaliator Blaster

Here’s what people are saying when it comes to the Retaliator Blaster –

“This is an awesome gun. It has an excellent range and is very reliable aside from the occasional jam.

“This gun is extremely powerful. It shoots like 60-70 feet, and will make your enemys in nerf wars back down. Once you have this thing, you are the most feared sniper EVER. Get it! It’s worth it! The springs never wear out. IT’S AWESOME!”

“I actually purchased TWO of these blasters for my nephew and I to play with. It was his first “big” nerf gun and he loves the thing. I also have a lot of fun shooting him! 😛 Of course, I recommend purchasing some extra darts.”

The Nerf N-Strike Elite: Retaliator Blaster is the best starter Nerf gun. The different configurations and potential for expansion makes it a Nerf gun you won’t grow out of, and will fit every situation you could possible need a Nerf Blaster for!


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