Nerf Battle Racer Review

The Nerf Battle Racer is a brand-new for 2016, and it will likely be one of the hottest toys for this holiday season! The Battle Racer is a pedal-powered go kart that’s custom designed to integrate into all of your existing Nerf arsenal! Let’s take a look at the breakdown of all the features of the Battle Racer.

nerf battle racer side


Nerf Battle Racer Driving Features

For starters, let’s talk about driving the Battle Racer. The seat is adjustable to fit the leg length of the rider so you can get into a comfortable position while pedaling. The steering wheel has very tight “go kart”-like handling that a kid will love. You’ll be able to whip the Battle Racer around tight turns and accurately navigate tight spaces.

nerf battle racer kid

The large and rugged wheels let you drive over most obstacles without getting stuck. The wheels also have ball bearings inside of them, allowing for easier and more efficient pedaling.

On the right side of the kart, there’s an orange handbrake that can be used to slow the kart down. This will be your primary way of stopping.

nerf battle racer kart

In the middle of the kart there’s another knob you can pull which will disengage the pedals from the wheels. This is useful if you’re going down a hill and the pedals are spinning too fast for your feet to keep up.


Battle Racer Nerf Blaster Compatibly

What really makes the Battle Racer a Nerf go kart is all the built-in Nerf storage on the vehicle.

For starters, on the front panel of the kart there’s a long row where you can push in Elite darts to store. On both sides of that front column, there are brackets where you can put your Nerf guns for quick access.

battle racer with blasters

On both side of the seat, there are two “cup holder” looking spaces where you can store loose Nerf darts. on the back of the seat, there’s an orange handle that can be used for storing even more Nerf guns. This handle can also be used to push the Battle Racer, as well.


Who is the Battle Racer Best For?

The Battle Racer is great for any kid age 12 and under that is big into Nerf wars. At it’s core, this is a fun pedal go-kart that will get your kid a lot of exercise. The listed weight limit for a rider is 110 lbs, though there’s plenty of videos showing that heavier riders can ride the Battle Racer without it breaking. The bigger issue will likely be how long an older kids legs are for the pedals.

nerf battle racer rear


In the below video, you can see this kart in action as well as a time lapse of the assembly of it, which will take most people about an hour.

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