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Best Nerf Melee Weapons and Swords 2017

best nerf melee swords

Firing off Nerf darts at each other is always a fun time, but sometimes you want to get up close and personal during a battle! To serve this purpose, you can pick up some great Nerf melee weapons to take to your next Nerf war! Having a Nerf sword fight is a great way to be physically got some exercise and get moving around outside. They’re also safe enough to whack each other, though they can still hurt if swung...
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Best Nerf Guns with No Batteries

nerf guns no batteries

When it comes to Nerf guns, much of the fun comes from the simplicity and reliability of the toys. Added electric components to the mix can take away more than they give in the minds of many Nerf enthusiasts. For several reasons I’ll get into below, Nerf guns requiring no batteries are extremely popular and useful.  

Best Family Nerf Games

Family bonding time is extremely important to every family, and in the digital era it can be harder and harder to come across. What’s great about the Nerf toys we recommend is they can be used by the whole family to give you the kind of quality time you’re longing for. Here’s our top recommendations for ways to make your family feel closer together through play.

How to Take Apart and Mod a Nerf Strongarm

Nerf Strongarm blaster shell off

If you’re looking to take your Nerf Blasters to the next level, modding your Nerf gun is the way to do it! You can swap out some of the internal components of your Nerf gun to get faster, further dart shots. Today, we’ll show you how to take apart your Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm so you can access those internals to make whatever changes you want. If you’re looking to mod your Strongarm Blaster, we suggest you take a look at the...
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Best Nerf Football for 2017

nerf football play

Tossing around a football is a classic American past-time everyone seems to enjoy. Whether it’s two friends tailgating before a game, hanging around at the beach, or spending quality time with your kids. When it comes time to pick a football, you’ll have a wide variety of choices. While the hardcore football fanatics may choose a hard leather football, that might not be the best for everyone. If you’re playing with younger kids or in inclement weather, going with a...
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Best Nerf Machine Guns for 2017

nerf n-strike elite rhino fire blaster

Pulling off precise Nerf shots is a greatly rewarding time, but sometimes the situation calls for a flurry of darts! If pumping out a lot of ammo fast is your style of play, then you want one of the best Nerf machine guns you can get your hands on! These Nerf Machine guns let you fire off a bunch of shots quickly without manually priming each shot. These Nerf Blasters use batteries and a flywheel spinner to fire off darts...
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Best Cheap Nerf Guns for 2017

nerf elite strongarm box

Most people don’t have any real clue as to how much Nerf guns cost, or may fear them to be too expensive to get started into the hobby. This is very far from the truth! You can get started with a great Nerf Blaster and some extra darts for just $15 to $20! Also, Nerf makes some high quality Blasters for cheap, so you don’t need to worry about buying a lemon that won’t last you long either. Without further...
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Guide to Nerf Product Lines

nerf n-strike elite

If you’re just getting into Nerf guns, you’re probably confused by all the different lines of products Nerf currently has available. From Zombie Strike to Rebelle, there’s many different Blasters out there that makes picking the best Nerf Blaster an overwhelming experience.  Use the following guide to help you find the path to a perfect Nerf Blaster that fits your needs!