Best Walkie Talkies for Nerf

If you play your Nerf games with teams, you have to have a way to communicate when you split up. Walkie talkies help two people talk over radio frequencies more multiple miles away. Kids have a great time playing with walkie talkies and feeling like special operatives on a mission. They’re the perfect tool for you to stay in contact with your team while using a Nerf sniper rifle from afar.

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Picking out the right set of walkie talkies for Nerf wars can be a tricky task. You want something durable and reliable that can take a beating, especially if younger kids will be tossing them around. Nerf does make a set of walkie talkies,  but they receive very poor reviews for constantly broadcasting loud static with no volume control.

Here are some alternatives to those walkie talkies that are a much better value.


Best Overall Walkie Talkies for Nerf

Uniden 16-Mile 22 Channel Battery FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio Pair - Black (GMR1635-2)

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These Uniden walkie talkies are the best value for your money.  This bundle comes with two walkie talkies made for outdoor activities which require AAA batteries. The radios can operate on 22 different channels, and under ideal circumstances at distances of 16 miles. If you live in an suburban area, the realistic range might be closer to 2 miles with all the obstructions between the walkie talkies.

The Uniden walkie talkies are great for people of all ages. You may want to avoid trying to have very young kids rely on these, just because there’s a lot of buttons and opportunities for a child to mistakenly change settings that will mess up communication. Here’s the experience of one reviewer who got these walkie talkies for some kids to use.

These walkie talkies were purchased for my 8 year old son for his birthday. They are replacing an exact set he had previously but misplaced. They really do work great. I can’t speak to the mile range because he just uses them here around the house and in the yard but they work excellently for that.

The sound is clear and pretty much static free. They use 3 AAA batteries, which were included. I know from the other set we had that the battery life on these is pretty impressive.

If you are considering buying some toy walkie talkies for a child, I would avoid those. They are incredibly staticky and really no fun for kids at all due to the static and crappy reception. Spend the 5 more bucks and get these instead!


Easiest to Use Walkie Talkies for Nerf

Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies, Easy To Use and Kids Friendly, 2 Mile Range, 3 Channel

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If you want something specifically for younger kids with a focus on ease-of-use, these Kidzlane walkie talkies are perfect. Designed to be durable, these have 3 channels and one large button that you press to talk which is great for kids. The range is around 1-2 miles, and they use three AAA batteries each. Keep in mind there’s no volume control on these, so if you need a quiet set of walkie talkies these won’t be for you.

Here’s a review of using these radios with a young child –

I got these for my 3.5 year old for a little fun in our huge yard. It took him a few minutes to get the hang of how to use them, but these walkie talkies are so easy that he figured it out quickly. The button on the side presses with just the gentlest touch, which is great for young kids.

They are made out of plastic and are really light, which gives you the impression they’re going to be cheap and break easily, but that was not the case. My son is rough with everything and he dropped these, played in the dirt, wrestled while his walkie talkie was clipped to him. After all of that, it was still in great shape by the time we went inside.


That sums up our best Nerf walkie talkie recommendations. Be sure to check out our guides on the best Nerf guns and best Nerf machine guns if you’re looking to expand your arsenal at the same time that you pick up your radios.

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