Best Nerf Melee Weapons and Swords 2017

Firing off Nerf darts at each other is always a fun time, but sometimes you want to get up close and personal during a battle! To serve this purpose, you can pick up some great Nerf melee weapons to take to your next Nerf war!

Having a Nerf sword fight is a great way to be physically got some exercise and get moving around outside. They’re also safe enough to whack each other, though they can still hurt if swung hard.


Nerf N-Force Vantage Sword

N Force Vantage Short Sword

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The Nerf N-Force Vantage Sword is an excellent foam sword for Nerf enthusiasts. It has a classic, medieval sword appearance with a simple blue and grey coloring. The hilt on the handle of the sword offers great protection for your hand, and it measures 32 inches long, total. It’s very lightweight, weighing just half a pound.


Nerf Zombie Strike StrikeBlade

Nerf Zombie Strike Blade Toy

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This Nerf melee weapon is identical to the Vantage Sword in function, but it comes with the Zombie Strike color scheme of green and dark navy. These swords are very durable and can stand up to years of abuse of whacking various objects, just be careful when you’re indoors!


Nerf N-Force Klaw Hatchet

NERF N-Force Klaw Hatchet (Discontinued by manufacturer)

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The Klaw Hatchet is an awesome utility weapon that can be swung in either direction! The hatchet is 16.5 inches long and in very lightweight, yet firm. You could even try throwing the hatchet as well, though it doesn’t have extreme range due to the light weight of the toy. The hook under the blade of the hatchet works great for disarming swords and shields.


That sums up the best Nerf melee weapons for 2016! Just remember that even though these toys are foam, be aware of your surroundings as to not knock any fragile items over or hit anyone in sensitive areas. If you’re looking for blasters to go along in your arsenal, check out our guide to the best Nerf guns.

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