Best Nerf Machine Guns for 2017

Pulling off precise Nerf shots is a greatly rewarding time, but sometimes the situation calls for a flurry of darts! If pumping out a lot of ammo fast is your style of play, then you want one of the best Nerf machine guns you can get your hands on! These Nerf Machine guns let you fire off a bunch of shots quickly without manually priming each shot. These Nerf Blasters use batteries and a flywheel spinner to fire off darts rapidly.


Best Nerf Machine Guns 2016

Name / Image Learn MoreRatingProjectileRangeAmmo CapacityBatteries Req.?
Nerf N-Strike Elite: Stryfe Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite: Stryfe Blaster

Get the Lowest Price!Our Full Review 5 Star Average Rating Dart75 feet6Yes, 4 AA
N-Strike Elite: Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster

N-Strike Elite: Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster

Get the Lowest Price!Our Full Review 4.5 Star Average Rating Darts and Missle90 feet10 + 1Yes, 4 AA
N-Strike Elite: Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster

N-Strike Elite: Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster

Get the Lowest Price!Our Full Review 3 Star Average Rating Darts75 feet18Yes, 4 C
N-Strike Elite: Rhino-Fire Blaster

N-Strike Elite: Rhino-Fire Blaster

Get the Lowest Price!Our Full Review 3.5 Star Average Rating Darts90 feet50Yes, 6 D


Before we dive into further recommendations, lets talk about who a Nerf machine gun is best suited for.

Advantages of Nerf Machine Guns

These Blasters will allow you to fire at faster rates than if you have a manual Nerf gun.

Some people find that battery-powered fire more reliably and accurately.

Since there’s no need to manually prime the Blaster after each shot, you don’t have to move your gun between shots, making for better aiming and less movement.

Drawbacks of Nerf Machine Guns

Nerf machine gun require batteries and have electronic moving parts inside of them, so they’re going to cost more than the best Nerf manual pump guns.

They will also be a bit heavier, so they might not be as well suited for weaker children.

You will also lose some element of stealth, since the electric motors will make some noise when spinning up.

If you’d like to check  out other types of Nerf guns, take a look at our best Nerf guns for 2017 page.


Best Value Nerf Machine Gun


Nerf Stryfe Blaster


The Nerf Stryfe Blaster is the best value Nerf machine gun and the most versatile as well. It is lightweight and one-handed, making it highly mobile and adaptable. While it only comes with a 6-dart magazine, you can use any other Elite Dart clip, like an 18-dart that comes with the Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster for an expanded capacity.

The Styfe Nerf machine gun runs on 4 AA batteries.


Best High Capacity Nerf Machine Gun

nerf n-strike rhino fire blaster

Nerf Rhino-Fire Blaster


The Rhino-Fire Nerf Blaster is the ultimate in high-capacity Nerf machine guns. It has two ammo slots for magazines, and it comes with a 50-dart capacity! It also has a great tripod stand for when you want to fortify one position without moving around.

There’s also a front handle on the gun if you would rather run around and fire at your foes. One thing to note is this Blaster does require 6 D batteries, so it may cost more to run than other Nerf Blasters. One nice advantage though, is this Blaster can fire up to 90 feet!


Coolest Nerf Machine Gun

nerf n-strike elite demolisher

Nerf Demolisher


If you’re looking for the ultimate in cool Nerf machine guns, then look no further than the Nerf Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster. This Nerf gun not only fires darts up to 90 feet, but also has a pump-action Missile projectile!

It also comes with a cool banana-clip with a 10-dart capacity. This Blaster uses 4 AA batteries.


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