Best Nerf Football for 2017

Tossing around a football is a classic American past-time everyone seems to enjoy. Whether it’s two friends tailgating before a game, hanging around at the beach, or spending quality time with your kids.

When it comes time to pick a football, you’ll have a wide variety of choices. While the hardcore football fanatics may choose a hard leather football, that might not be the best for everyone. If you’re playing with younger kids or in inclement weather, going with a softer football that’s easier to throw is a wise choice!

Below are our favorite Nerf footballs for 2017 and beyond.


Nerf Sports Weather Blitz Football

Nerf Sports Weather Blitz Football Toy, Green

The Nerf Weather Blitz Football is the ideal choice for year-round football play in any weather. Whether you’re playing in rain, snow, or sunshine, this football has additional grips to help you throw the perfect pass.


This football would also be great for use around a pool, lake, or ocean, as the ridges will let you throw the ball accurately even when wet. The Weather Blitz is also durable enough to last you for years. This is our best Nerf football for all-around play!


Nerf Dude Perfect Perfect Smash Football

Nerf Sports Dude Perfect PerfectSmash Football

If you’re looking for a Nerf football for trick-shots like the guys at Dude Perfect, check out the new Perfect Smash. This football comes with a reusable target that lets you set up your own epic stunts with friends. You can check out all the other new Dude Perfect Nerf products to see other tricks you can set up.


Nerf Sports Pro Grip Football

Nerf Sports Pro Grip Football Toy, Green

If you’re looking for something closer to a standard laces, check out the Nerf Pro Grip football. This ball is nice and soft for young kids to play with, though the exterior is a bit more slippery than the Weather Blitz, so it’s not great for wet weather.


Nerf Sports Aero Howler Football

Nerf Sports Aero Howler Football, Orange

If you’re an adult, you probably remember the commercials of John Elway tossing this football around for a commercial back in the 90’s and had one yourself!

The Nerf Aero Howler is a football with a tail that helps it soar long distances, great for long games of catch. People have been able to throw this football well over 100 yards! It only takes a little practice before you’re able to air to out as well.


Nerf Sports Firevision Football

Firevision Sports Football

Finally, here’s the latest football technology from Nerf. The Firevision Football has glowing streaks around the ball, illuminating it in both daylight and night time scenarios.

However, only those wearing the special Firevision Frames (2 included) will see the light glowing from the ball!  This could make for some interesting games of night football!

If you don’t plan on playing much at night or see the frames as being a hindrance, you might want to check out our other Nerf football suggestions.


If you’re looking for more Nerf toys, check out our Best Nerf guns for 2016!

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