Best Nerf Dog Toys for 2017

Why should humans have all the fun? Dogs love Nerf toys, too!

For those of us with pets, it’s awesome that Nerf has taken their expertise of making durable, fun toys for humans and given us some excellent toys for our four-legged friends as well.

nerf dog toy

Dogs have the intellect of a two and a half year old toddler, and their brains need to be stimulated or else they could develop problem behaviors out of frustration. If you find that your dog has been constantly chewing and digging, they could need more stimulation.

Another way to keep a dog entertained is by buying one of the best automatic dog ball throwers.

One way to provide the stimulation your dog craves is with some high quality dog toys. The Nerf Dog product line has a wide variety of toys like footballs, discs, balls, tug ropes, and more that your dog will love playing with. Let’s go over our favorites.


Nerf Football for Dogs

Nerf Dog Squeak Ridged Rubber Football Dog Toy, Medium/Large, Blue

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This 7″ Nerf Dog football is the perfect play toy for dogs of most any size. It features a squeaker, which some people may find annoying but your dog is sure to love.

The main selling point of this dog toy is that it’s made with durable, weather-resistant rubber. People are always amazed at how long this toy lasts compared to how quickly their dogs can destroy other toys.

This Nerf Dog football bounces and floats in water. It’s perfect for play in a pool or lake, and can easily be tossed or kicked for your dog to chase after.


Nerf Tennis Ball Stomper

Nerf Dog Toys Tennis Ball Stomper, Medium, Red/Blue (Colors May Vary)

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This innovative dog toy is perfect for the dog whole loves to chase tennis balls. You simply set the rubber launcher on the ground, load the tennis ball into the barrel, and stomp on it to launch the tennis ball like a rocket!

Since the tennis ball is soft, this is great for indoor or outdoor use. You can also control how far the ball flies by how hard you stomp to keep your dog guessing.


Nerf Dog Flying Disc

Nerf Dog Nylon Flying Disk Dog Toy, Large, Red

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If your dog loves to chase frisbees in an open field, they’ll love chasing after this nylon flying disc!

Being made of nylon, it’s very lightweight, tear-resistant, and easy to throw a good distance. It’s 9 inches in diameter and also floats in water.

One thing to note is that if your dog isn’t well versed in playing fetch and they’d rather chew on a toy or play tug-of-war rather than release it for you to throw, this disc may not last long. The nylon doesn’t tear easily, but it’s not designed to withstand too much abuse.


Nerf Trackshot Tuff Tug

NERF PRODUCTS/GRAMERCY 8094 Trackshot Tuff Tug

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If you have a dog (or a few dogs) that are into tug-of-war, check out this Tuff Tug rope toy. Great for dogs that need something strong and durable to withstand the stress of being pulled in opposite directions.

The Tuff Tug is around 6 inches long and has a fabric ball in the center that your dog might prefer for retrieving the toy when thrown.

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