Best Nerf Guns for 2017

Ready to step up your Nerf game to the next level? Getting outgunned in Nerf wars? We’re here to help!

We put in hours of research, finding the perfect Nerf guns and blasters that suit your needs and play-style.

Check out the chart below of our Best Nerf Guns of 2017, and keep on reading for tips to find the perfect Nerf Blaster.

Best Nerf Guns 2016

How to Find the Best Nerf Gun for You!

Every year, Nerf comes out with more and more new Blasters and features for their toys, it can be hard to keep up! We’ll highlight the main key features of Nerf Blasters below, and help you pick out the best Nerf gun for your arsenal. Nerf can be a fun bonding experience for the whole family!

Battery Powered or Manual Pump?

This is likely the biggest decision you’ll need to make when to comes to selecting a great Nerf gun. Do you want your Nerf Blaster to fire with a battery-powered motor, or through manually pumping? Both have their advantages, let’s discuss them now.

Battery powered Nerf guns:

  • Require batteries to operate. This means more money spent, and possible downtime if they run out in the middle of a battle.
  • Shoot fast and consistent. Typically, motorized Nerf guns have a bit better range than manual pumps, accelerate faster, and are more consistent since the motor should rev to the same speed every time.
  • Shoot projectiles more rapidly. Battery-powered Nerf Blasters can spit out darts in a hurry! They can also do it using only one hand, whereas a manual Nerf gun would require two, and would be less precise.

Top Battery Powered Nerf Guns

Of the above best battery-powered Nerf guns, we would recommend the Rhino-Fire, which has an amazing 50-round capacity and two barrels to fire from! If you’re going to go battery powered, you might as well go big! You can read our fully detailed Nerf N-Strike Elite: Rhino-Fire Blaster review for additional information.


Manual Pump Nerf Guns:

  • Are powered by you manually cocking. This means more work for you, but you don’t need to worry about batteries dying on you.
  • Less moving parts means the gun will be less likely to break down on you.
  • For stealth attacks, the target wont hear a motor rev up before you fire.

Top Manual-Pump Nerf Guns

I think everyone should start with a manual Nerf gun before moving on to battery powered models, because their simplicity will allow you to focus on getting used to aiming and firing before having to worry about spraying a flurry of darts and changing batteries.

Of the manual Nerf Blasters above, I rate the Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster as the best manual Nerf gun. It can hold 12 Zombie darts at a time, and has a really cool flipping mechanism that switches between the ammo barrels quickly. You can also Slam Fire this gun if you need to put out darts in a hurry. We have a lengthy Nerf Zombie Strike Flip Fury review you can get into.


Nerf Projectile Range

One of the key things to think about for your new Nerf gun is the range it has. If you’re going to be playing most of your Nerf wars indoors, then range shouldn’t be a huge factor in your decision. For those who plan on playing a lot outside or other wide open spaces, you’ll likely want to find a Nerf gun with a higher range so you don’t find yourself outgunned.

Nerf Guns with the Longest Range

Name / Image Learn MoreRatingProjectileRangeAmmo CapacityBatteries Req.?
Mega Magnus Blaster

Mega Magnus Blaster

Get the Lowest Price!Our Full Review 4 Star Average Rating Mega Darts85 feet3No
Mega ThunderBow Blaster

Mega ThunderBow Blaster

Get the Lowest Price!Our Full Review 5 Star Average Rating Mega Dart100 feet5No
N-Strike Elite: Rhino-Fire Blaster

N-Strike Elite: Rhino-Fire Blaster

Get the Lowest Price!Our Full Review 3.5 Star Average Rating Darts90 feet50Yes, 6 D
Mega Centurion

Mega Centurion

Get the Lowest Price!Our Full Review 5 Star Average Rating Mega Darts100 feet6No
N-Strike Elite: Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster

N-Strike Elite: Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster

Get the Lowest Price!Our Full Review 4.5 Star Average Rating Darts and Missle90 feet10 + 1Yes, 4 AA

Your actual range of the projectiles you fire will widely depend on the angle you fire it, and can be affected by other conditions like wind as well. The numbers provided will give you a great baseline of how powerful the Nerf Blaster is regardless of other factors.

Our Top Long Range Nerf Blaster

N-Strike Elite: Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster

nerf n-strike elite demolisher

The Nerf N-Strike Elite: Demolisher 2-in-1 is our best long range Nerf Blaster available for 2016! This Nerf gun has a high ammo capacity with a 10-dart banana magazine, and it’s compatible with all other Nerf magazines as well. It uses a motorized launcher system, so you get consistent power from your shots that can travel up to 90 feet!

What makes this Nerf gun unique is the Missile Launcher attached under the barrel. This uses a pump-system to launch the oversized Nerf Missiles, so the harder you can pump it, the farther it goes! You can read our full Nerf Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster review for more details.


Nerf Bow or Gun?

The final aspect of your Nerf Blaster you should consider is the aesthetic look and style of it. Nerf makes a wide variety of different themes for their toys, but one of the biggest choices you can choose is between a Nerf Bow or a Nerf gun.

Performance wise, Bows and Guns largely work the same in the Nerf world. Often times they’re nearly identical on the inside, so it’s up to you to choose which option fits your personality best. There’s no shortage of Nerf Gun Blasters out there to choose from, but since Bows can be harder to find, we picked out our favorite to show you.

Our Top Nerf Bow Blaster

Mega ThunderBow Blaster

mega thunderbow blaster

The Nerf Mega ThunderBow Blaster has one of the longest ranges available on any Nerf product, with a range of up to 100 feet! The ThunderBow can hold 5 Mega Darts at once, and comes with 10 Mega Darts total.

The only drawback to the ThunderBow is it’s very big (like a real bow), so it won’t be as easy to sneak around with it. It’s still our best Nerf Bow Blaster, and we have a complete Mega ThunderBow Blaster review available.


Best Nerf Guns for Girls

Here at Nerf Hub, we believe both boys and girls can have a great time in a Nerf battle! While there’s no reason why a girl can’t use one of the Nerf Blasters marketed towards boys (and vice versa), Hasbro does have a line of Nerf products aimed directly towards making products girls will love, so it’s worth looking at them if your daughter isn’t interested in any of the “boys’ toys”. The product line is called Nerf Rebelle, and here’s our favorite picks from the line along with others we think girls will love.

Top Nerf Blasters for Girls

Out of all of the above, the best Nerf gun for girls is actually a Bow! The Nerf Rebelle Revolution Bow Blaster is one of the coolest Nerf products, period! It has real bow action, which means you truly notch an arrow onto the string, pull it back, and let it fly!

Inspired by The Hunger Games, you kids can live out their Katniss fantasies with this bow that takes skill to use and master.

nerf revolution bow blaster

Here’s an excellent video, showing how the Revolution Bow Blaster functions –


Nerf Guns for Young Kids

While Hasbro recommends children be age 8 or older to play with most of their Nerf guns, kids as young as 5 or 6 can use certain products without issue. In order for a Nerf gun to be usable by a younger child, it must be lightweight, easy to lead, and easy to fire. It’s best to skip any motorized Blasters as they are heavier, more expensive, and more likely to jam or damage darts.

We just happened to find the perfect Nerf gun that meets all of that criteria! And best of all, you can find it for $10-13, so it’s not too expensive that it will be a big deal if they destroy it (though this gun is very durable and hard to break!)

Best Nerf Gun for Young Child

Strongarm Blaster

nerf n-strike elite strongarm blaster

The Nerf Strongarm Blaster features a auto-rotating 6-dart barrel, and can launch darts up to 75 feet! It’s an amazing value and only weighs about 1 lb, so your child shouldn’t have an issue wielding it. Just be sure to teach them proper Nerf gun safety before unleashing them onto the world! We have a review of the Nerf Strongarm Blaster available as well.


Additional Nerf Products to Consider

If you’re on a tight budget, you can check out our list of the best cheap Nerf guns we made especially for you.

One important thing to consider when buying your first Nerf product is what kind of safety gear you’ll need to go along with it. It’s best to have people wear some type of eye protection when taking part in a Nerf battle, as darts can fly at unpredictable angles, and the most susceptible part of your body to injury will be your eyes.

Nerf made some “vision gear” protective glasses for both boys and girls. If you’re buying for a group of kids, you could get a bulk pack  of standard safety glasses which work just fine as well.

Other than that, the main other product you’ll want to get is some extra darts to replace ones  that get lost or damaged! Make sure you buy the right type of dart for your specific Nerf guns. Most will use the N-Strike Elite darts, but you can check out our Nerf Gun Reviews to get specifics for each model.

Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 100-Dart Refill